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A major focus of the IOCCG has been the formation of specialised scientific working groups to investigate various aspects of ocean-colour technology and its applications. The end product of these working groups is usually the publication of a scientific report in the IOCCG report series. These reports have an ISSN assignment and are in wide demand throughout the world. They have been used to provide appropriate advice to Space Agencies, scientists and managers as well as serving as a useful teaching aid for students.

PDF copies of the IOCCG reports (with low resolution images to reduce file size) can be downloaded below. To request a hardcopy of a report, please send an email to and include your name and full mailing address (Street, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country). Copies will be mailed free of charge via surface mail, up to a maximum of 5 reports per person.

The correct citations for the IOCCG Report series can be downloaded into a reference database using the BibTex file.

IOCCG Report 1 (1998): Minimum Requirements for an Operational Ocean-Colour Sensor for the Open Ocean. Edited by André Morel, pp.46.

IOCCG Report 2 (1999): Status and Plans for Satellite Ocean-Colour Missions: Considerations for Complementary Missions. Edited by James A. Yoder, pp. 43.

IOCCG Report 3 (2000): Remote Sensing of Ocean Colour in Coastal, and Other Optically-Complex, Waters. Edited by Shubha Sathyendranath, pp. 140.

IOCCG Report 4 (2004): Guide to the creation and use of ocean-colour, Level-3, binned data products. Edited by David Antoine, pp. 88.

IOCCG Report 5 (2006): Remote Sensing of Inherent Optical Properties: Fundamentals, Tests of Algorithms, and Applications. Edited by ZhongPing Lee, pp. 126. [Synthesized Dataset]

IOCCG Report 6 (2007): Ocean-Colour Data Merging. Edited by Watson W. Gregg, pp. 68.

IOCCG Report 7 (2008): Why Ocean Colour? The Societal Benefits of Ocean- Colour Technology. Edited by Trevor Platt, Nicolas Hoepffner, Venetia Stuart and Christopher Brown, pp. 141.

Accompanying brochure: "Why Ocean Colour? The Societal Benefits of Ocean-Colour Radiometry". Download Brochure: [English], [French], [Spanish], [Portuguese], [Japanese], [Korean], [Chinese].

IOCCG Report 8 (2009): Remote Sensing in Fisheries and Aquaculture. Edited by Marie-Hélène Forget, Venetia Stuart and Trevor Platt, pp. 120.

IOCCG Report 9 (2009): Partition of the Ocean into Ecological Provinces: Role of Ocean-Colour Radiometry. Edited by Mark Dowell and Trevor Platt, pp. 98.

IOCCG Report 10 (2010): Atmospheric Correction for Remotely-Sensed Ocean-Colour Products. Edited by Menghua Wang, pp. 78. [Synthesized Dataset]

IOCCG Report 11 (2011): Bio-Optical Sensors on Argo Floats. Edited by Hervé Claustre, pp. 89.

IOCCG Report 12 (2012): Ocean-Colour Observations from a Geostationary Orbit. Edited by David Antoine, pp. 102.

IOCCG Report 13 (2012): Mission Requirements for Future Ocean-Colour Sensors. Edited by Charles R. McClain and Gerhard Meister, pp. 106.

IOCCG Report 14 (2013): In-flight Calibration of Satellite Ocean-Colour Sensors. Edited by Robert Frouin, pp. 106.

IOCCG Report 15 (2014): Phytoplankton Functional Types from Space. Edited by Shubha Sathyendranath, pp. 156. Note: Hard copies of this report are not yet available!

IOCCG Report 16 (2015): Ocean Colour Remote Sensing in Polar Seas. Edited by Babin, M., Arrigo, K., Bélanger, S. and Forget, M-H. (pp. 129). Note: Hard copies of this report are not yet available!


The IOCCG, in conjunction with the EU PRESPO Project for sustainable development of the artisanal fisheries in the Atlantic area, have developed a handbook of satellite remote sensing image interpretation, with a focus on applications for marine living resources conservation and management. This handbook is intended as a web-based educational/training document oriented towards the interpretation of satellite images derived from data freely available (for the most part) from various space agency archives. An electronic copy of the handbook can be downloaded from:

PRESPO/IOCCG Handbook (2011): Handbook of Satellite Remote Sensing Image Interpretation: Applications for Marine Living Resources Conservation and Management (2011), EU PRESPO and IOCCG, Dartmouth, Canada. Edited by Jesus Morales, Venetia Stuart, Trevor Platt and Shubha Sathyendranath, p. 293.

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Minutes of IOCCG Meetings

1st IOCCG Meeting - Toulouse, France, 22-23 March, 1996

2nd IOCCG Meeting - Tokyo, Japan, 17-18 March, 1997

3rd IOCCG Meeting - Cape Town, South Africa, 19-21 January, 1998

4th IOCCG Meeting - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 5-7 November, 1998

5th IOCCG Meeting - Hobart, Australia, 1-4 February, 2000

6th IOCCG Meeting - La Jolla, California, 24-26 January, 2001

7th IOCCG Meeting - Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, 10-12 January, 2002

8th IOCCG Meeting - Florence, Italy, 24-26 February, 2003

9th IOCCG Meeting - Hyderabad, India, 15-17 January, 2004

10th IOCCG Meeting - Margarita Island, Venezuela, 19-21 January 2005

11th IOCCG Meeting - Busan, South Korea, 11-13 January 2006

12th IOCCG Meeting - Swakopmund, Namibia, 16-18 January 2007

13th IOCCG Meeting - Paris, France, 12-14 February 2008

14th IOCCG Meeting - Hangzhou, China, 20-22 April 2009

15th IOCCG Meeting - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18-20 January 2010

16th IOCCG Meeting - Dartington Hall, Devon, UK, 15-17 February 2011

17th IOCCG Meeting - Denpasar, Indonesia, 28 February - 1 March 2012

18th IOCCG Meeting - Québec City, Canada, 5-7 February 2013

19th IOCCG Meeting - Cape Town, South Africa, 28-30 January, 2014

20th IOCCG Meeting - Paris, France, 3 - 5 March 2015

21st IOCCG Meeting - Santa Monica, CA, USA, 1 - 3 March 2016

IOCCG Articles

The following articles were commissioned by IOCCG for publication in Backscatter Magazine.

Sir Alister Hardy: An ocean colour pioneer (1896 - 1985). T. Platt and V. Stuart, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 1, February 1997

Lines in the Sea. T. Platt and V. Stuart, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 1, February 1997

Ocean Colour and Temperature Scanner (OCTS) Update. J. Ishizaka, H. Fukushima and M. Kishino, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 1, February 1997

Fingers Crossed for SeaWiFS. J. Yoder, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 2, May 1997.

MOS: A Spaceborne Imaging Spectrometer. G. Zimmermann and A. Neumann, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 2, May 1997.

Status of the ADEOS program. T. Tanaka, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 3, August 1997.

The Atlantic Meridional Transect: Spatially Extensive Calibration and Validation of Optical Properties and Remotely-Sensed Measurements of Ocean Colour. J. Aiken and S.B. Hooker, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 3, August 1997.

On a Winged Horse and a Prayer, SeaWiFS Launches .... J. Yoder, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 4, November 1997.

SeaWiFS Data Available at the GSFC DAAC. J. Acker, backscatter, Volume 8, Number 4, November 1997.

Release of New OCTS Products (Version 3.0). H. Kawamura and the OCTS Team, backscatter, Volume 9, Number 1, February 1998.

The NASA SIMBIOS Program. J. Mueller, C. McClain, B. Caffrey and G. Feldman, backscatter, May 1998.

POLDER and Ocean Color. A. Lifermann, J.-M. Nicolas, P.-Y. Deschamps, F.-M. Breon, A. Bricaud and C. Moulin, backscatter, November 1998.

Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) on Indian Remote Sensing Satellite IRS-P4. R.R. Navalgund and A.S. Kiran Kumar

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