Ocean-Colour Algorithms

Chairman:Dr. ZhongPing Lee
Naval Research Laboratory
Code 7333
Stennis Space Center
MS 39529, USA
Email: zplee@nrclssc.navy.mil

This working group was proposed at the 8th IOCCG Meeting in Florence, Italy (February 2003), although a preliminary meeting was held in Santa Fe, November 2002, prior to the Ocean Optics Meeting.

The objectives of the group were to perform algorithm cross comparisons, to make recommendations on specific algorithms and to report on the progress of algorithm development.

The group assembled a database from in situ measurements and also developed a synthesized dataset based on known relationships, in order to perform algorithm cross-comparisons and evaluations. The synthesized datasets, as well as the software for the various algorithms, are available on the IOCCG webpage (see links to the right in red). The final product of this working group was the publication of IOCCG Report 5 entitled "Remote Sensing of Inherent Optical Properties: Fundamentals, Tests of Algorithms, and Applications", edited by Dr. ZhongPing Lee.

Terms of Reference

  1. Synthesize a database of inherent (IOP) and apparent optical properties (AOP), and assemble a database of in situ measurements.
  2. Perform cross-comparisons and evaluations on existing ocean-colour inversion algorithms.
  3. Make recommendations on specific algorithms.
  4. Report on the progress of algorithm development.

Yu-Hwan AhnKorea Ocean Research and Development Institute, Korea
Robert ArnoneStennis Space Center, USA
Marcel BabinUniversite Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Emmanuel BossOregon State University, USA
Aurea Maria CiottiInstituto Oceanográfico da Universidade de Sao Paulo
Kendall CarderUniversity of South Florida
Arnold DekkerC.S. Christian Laboratory, Australia
Roland DoerfferMax-Planck Institut, Germany
Robert FrouinScripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
MingXia HeUniversity of Qingdao, China
Chuanmin HuUniversity of South Florida
Joji IshizakaNagasaki University, Japan
M. KahruScripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
Oleg V. KopelevichRussian Academy of Sciences, Russia
ZhongPing LeeStennis Space Center, USA
Hubert LoiselUniversité du Littoral Côte d'Opale, France
Merv LynchCurtin University of Technology, Australia
Paul LyonNaval Research Lab, USA
Stephane MaritorenaInstitute for Computational Earth System Science, USA
B. Greg MitchellScripps Institution of Oceanography
Collin RoeslerBigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, USA
Shubha SathyendranathBedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada
JunWu TangNational Satellite Ocean Application Service, China
Ron ZaneveldOregon State University, USA

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Plan of the Ocean-Colour Algorithm Working Group

1st Meeting of Ocean-Colour Algorithm Working Group (November 2002)

Report of Ocean-Colour Algorithm Working Group (8th IOCCG Meeting, February 2003))

Status report of the Algorithm Working Group (9th IOCCG Meeting, January 2004)

Report of the Algorithm Working Group meeting in Hamburg (11-12 July 2005)

IOCCG Report 5: Final report of the Algorithm Working Group

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