Training Course in Ahmedabad Proceeds

The training course jointly organised and sponsored by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the IOCCG, scheduled to be held in Ahmedabad, India from February 12 to 23, will be held as planned despite the earthquake that struck the region several weeks ago.

A total of 25 students have been selected to attend the training course. The training program comprises lectures on various aspects of ocean colour, marine optics, algorithms, ocean colour sensors, calibration and validation, applications, and hands-on-exercises during afternoon sessions. The participants will receive hands-on-experience in processing satellite ocean colour data from the Indian OCM sensor.

MODIS Update
& New Products

MODIS LogoMODIS data products are currently considered beta quality (products have undergone limited testing and data quality may not be optimal). Known problems are listed on the MODIS website. Fully assessed operational MODIS Ocean data products are expected to be released by mid-2001.

Five new MODIS data products have been released. They are:

    Atmosphere Level 3 Monthly Product
  1. MODIS/Terra Aerosol Cloud Water Vapor Ozone (MOD08_M3).
    Ocean Level 4 Weekly Products
  1. MODIS/Terra Ocean Weekly Productivity Indices (MOD27W)
  2. MODIS/TerraOcean SemiAnalytic Primary Production-4 km (MOAPWA)
  3. MODIS/TerraOcean SemiAnalytic Primary Production-36 km (MOAPWB)
  4. MODIS/TerraOcean SemiAnalytic Primary Production- 1Deg (MOAPW1)

MISR Image
of Bering Strait

MISR Image NASA's Earth Observatory web site has an excellent image of the Bering Strait acquired on August 18, 2000 by the MISR sensor. The Bering Strait separates Russia from the United States by a distance of 90 kilometres.

Ocean Optics Course

One of several courses that The Bigelow Laboratory for ocean sciences will offering this year is "Ocean Optics and Radiative Transport in Atmosphere and Ocean". Lecturers will include Dr. Howard Gordon and Dr. André Morel, and the course will be held from June 4-15, 2001.

SeaDAS Update

Update #002 for SeaDAS 4.0 is now available. This update is primarily a bug fix for SeaDAS 4.0. For more information please visit the SeaDAS web site.

Ocean Colour Bibliography

Don't forget the IOCCG list of scientific papers relating to ocean colour. The reference list is updated regularly. If you have any references you would like to see included, please submit them to the webmaster.


Several new job opportunities have been added.

New SeaWiFS Receiving
Station in Mongolia

SeaWiFS Lake Balkhash
Image provided by the SeaWiFS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and ORBIMAGE

The SeaWiFS project is now receiving data from a new station located in Ulan Bataar, Mongolia. The station covers northern China, the Yellow Sea and northeastern coast of China, Korea and southern Siberia.

The SeaWiFS scene above shows the area around lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan and was acquired on April 27th 2000. Lake Sayram, located in northwestern China, is also visible in the lower right corner.

Rossby Waves Affect
Global Phytoplankton

Large scale planetary waves, known as Rossby waves, have been shown to affect biology in the main ocean basins.

Scientists from the Southampton Oceanography Centre have published their results in Geophysical Research Letters. Using OCTS and SeaWiFS datasets, the Southampton researchers found that Rossby Waves are sometimes observable in the satellite ocean colour maps of phytoplankton chlorophyll concentrations and thereby have some global effects on biology.

Workshops & Conferences

  • International Workshop on Autonomous Measurements of Biogeochemical Parameters in the Ocean
    February 20-22, 2001
    Workshop web site.

  • 2001 AVIRIS (Airborne Visible InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer) Earth Science Workshop
    February 27 to March 2, 2001
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory,Pasadena, USA
    AVIRIS website

  • OCEANOLOGY International 2001
    April 3-5, 2001
    Miami, Florida, USA
    OCEANOLOGY web site

  • Workshop: Pigments as a tool to estimate the biomass of different phytoplankton groups
    April 29 - May 1, 2001
    Barcelona, Spain
    Workshop web site

  • 4th Berlin Workshop on Ocean Remote Sensing: 5th Anniversary of MOS-IRS in Orbit
    May 30 - June 1, 2001
    DLR Centre Berlin, Germany
    More Information on conference page

  • Challenges of a Changing Earth: Global Change Open Science Conference
    July 10-13, 2001
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Conference home page

  • International Conference: Current Problems in Optics of Natural Waters
    September 25-28, 2001
    St. Petersburg, Russia.
For a more detailed list of workshops refer to our workshop page.

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