Blue EArth GLobal Expedition


Protocols for Bio-Optical Measurements

Overall Sampling Strategy (Please read first)

  1. Photosynthesis-Irradiance experiments (PI's)
  2. Samples collected for HPLC pigment determinations
  3. Measurements of Turner fluorometry
    - Program for calculation of Turner Chlorophyll
  4. Measurements of phytoplankton absorption
    - Creating a data CD-ROM
  5. Measurements of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)
  6. Samples collected for flow cytometry (picoplankton)
  7. Measurements with the SIMBAD radiometer
    - MarRefFile
    - SIMBAD log sheet
    - Example of a sun file
    - Example of a dark file
    - Example of a sea file
    - Calculation of noon in GMT
  8. Measurements with the SIMBADA radiometer
    - SIMBADA log sheet
  9. Measurements with the hand-held hyperspectral radiometer
  10. Continuous measurements with the PAR sensor