Protocols for Bio-optical Measurements
on the R/V Mirai

Overall Sampling Strategy (Please read first)

  1. Photosynthesis-Irradiance experiments (PI's)
  2. Samples collected for HPLC pigment determinations
  3. Measurements of Turner fluorometry
  4. Measurements of phytoplankton absorption
  5. Measurements of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)
  6. Samples collected for flow cytometry (picoplankton)
  7. Measurements with the SIMBAD radiometer
  8. Measurements with the SIMBADA radiometer
  9. Measurements with the hand-held hyperspectral radiometer
  10. Continuous measurements with the PAR sensor
Selected Participants

Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group